Our commitment to wildlife and to being a low carbon business

Camlad Apiaries is committed to reducing our environmental impact, helping wildlife and improving the landscape, supporting the local economy and networking with like-minded businesses.

Reducing environmental impact
We have already undertaken to minimize our orders to suppliers. Our business is already water-conscious as it comes from our own springs, a limited resource. Additionally, we use a solar extractor to recover beeswax (weather-dependent).

Enhancing wildlife and landscape
Breeding climate-adapted bees needs less artificial input. We have several hectares of ungrazed and lightly grazed hill-land, a natural pond, an acre plus of natural woodland and stream habitats.

Involving people and visitors
We offer a free basic swarm collection service with associated education throughout the local area. Volunteer tutor, speaker and educator with local beekeeping groups. Able to accept work experience students.

Support the local economy
Hive parts are sourced from North Wales and Gloucestershire stockists when we can, as local as possible. Sales and commercial outlets almost entirely in the local area.